June 2, 2017

Regional Show - THANK YOU!

The show can only go ahead with the support of dozens of people, whether they're handy at putting up a marquee, know how to judge Countryside Challenge, can bake a cake or check tack - there are lots of jobs and somebody needs to do them! Apologies in advance to anyone I have managed to overlook - I was busy competing on the day so didn't get to see everyone but hopefully I've managed to mention most people...

Some of the main people to thank are:

Gay Redman - RDA East Chairman who was responsible for making the first Milton event a success. Thanks and congratulations to her for all her efforts.

Sarah Moreland - Sarah had the unenviable job of putting together the day's schedule - always tricky when juggling riders sharing horses in different disciplines and across the site!

Suzanne Brown - At the other end of the process, Suzanne was in charge of compiling the all-important results and ensuring that the right rosettes went to the right people. This is a very responsible job which can be stressful under the pressure of riders and parents wanting to know results immediately - well done Suzanne!

Ryan Lynch receiving his trophy from Gay Redman, with Suzanne Brown in the background in the stripey top, preparing the next award!

The College of West Anglia, Milton - our hosts for the day, we are grateful to CWA Milton for allowing us to use their facilities - not just on the day itself, but also whilst setting up the previous day and whilst filming the showjumping tests. We are also grateful to them for their loan of a horse to Stevenage RDA.

Judges, writers and scorers - thank you to all those who gave up their day to judge our riders in dressage and countryside challenge. Judges: indoor dressage - Kim Darlow; East Region dressage - Christina Grieve; Countryside challenge - tbc (I will check!); showjumping - Claire Pettit.

The RDA East committee - planning for the show begins at least a year in advance, and was particularly difficult this year since a new venue had to be found and prepared. The committee works hard to produce a quality event both in its preparations and also on the day itself.

'Groundstaff' from across the region - at each event we have people performing tasks that are vital but easily overlooked. These include checking tack, opening doors and gates for horses, keeping the schedule running smoothly, assisting with mounting, providing refreshments, running the stable management quiz, and so on. Thank you to all of you!


Cambs College RDA volunteers and parents - as hosts of this year's competition, there were lots of people associated with Cambs College RDA who were roped in to help, including partners and parents of the volunteers. In particular, Gay found the muscle power provided by Laurie John and Clive Holgate very helpful!

Each group's volunteers - every group competing came with a small army of volunteers whose support is vital not just on competition day but throughout the year. At a competitive event, volunteers are particularly important since their invariably calm presence helps to soothe any jangling nerves the riders have. There are also many more jobs to be done: hair to be tidied away neatly in hairnets; boots to shine; manes to be plaited; tests to be learned; and, of course, photos to be taken. I'd like to say an enormous thank you to all the volunteers from all the various groups who came to support their riders. This includes parents, who often suddenly find themselves learning skills they never knew they had!

Thank you and well done to everybody for a successful 2017 East Region Show. We look forward to seeing you next year - or even sooner, for those now heading to Hartpury!

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