January 22, 2017

The East Region at the 2016 National Championships

At the 2016 National Championships the East Region was represented in a number of disciplines, including: dressage, showjumping, countryside challenge, combined training, vaulting, musical ride and arts and crafts. Many of our riders came home with rosettes and there were even a few trophies! The results of all riders who took part are listed below (if you know of someone who is missing from this list, please let us know so that we can add them in).

In order to compete at the Championships the riders must first qualify at the regional show by coming first or second and scoring above 60%, so making it to Hartpury in the first place is a significant achievement.

Many thanks also to the small army of volunteers who helped in myriad ways. There are simply too many people (and indeed jobs!) to list here but the number of people who are prepared to look after equine and human athletes is truly remarkable and very, very much appreciated.

Barrow Farm (Essex)
Lucy Hogan (Senior PVI Dressage, 1st; Freestyle Dressage, 1st; Best Turned Out, 5th)
Claire Humphrey (Senior Grade Ia Dressage, 5th; Freestyle Dressage, 1st)
Emma Harris (Senior Grade Ia Dressage, 10th; Freestyle Dressage, 5th)
Charlotte Jessop (Junior Countryside Challenge, 1 helper, 2nd; Combined Training, 1st; Best Turned Out, 6th)
Emma Suttle (Junior Countryside Challenge, independent, 5th; Combined Training, 3rd; Best Turned Out, 3rd)
Samuel Johnson, Katie Alabaster, Katie Potter and Jack Atkinson (Musical Drill - Ride, 4th)
Carlo Vuceric, Emily Knowles and Rebecca Lord (Musical Drill - Ride, 5th)

Buckenham House Group (Norfolk)
Ronnie Robinson (Grade IV Showjumping, 1st)

Cambridgeshire College
Lizzie Bennett (Senior Level 2 Showjumping, 2nd; Grade V Walk and Trot, 1st; Individual Vaulting, 1st)
Olivia Cornick (Senior Level 3 Showjumping, 4th; Grade III Dressage, 4th; Best Turned Out, 7th)
Anne Hunt (Senior Countryside Challenge, independent, 7th; Combined training, 4th)
Jennifer Phillips Campbell (Senior Grade V Walk and Trot Dressage, 14th)
Jodie Williamson (Senior Countryside Challenge, 1 helper, 9th; Combined Training, 5th)

Harpenden (Herts)
Adam Sharp (Junior Countryside Challenge, 2-3 helpers, 8th)

Mid Essex
Rianna Curley (Senior Countryside Challenge, 1 helper, 4th; Combined Training, 1st)
Kasey Ellis (Junior Countryside Challenge, 1 helper, 4th; Best Turned Out 3rd)
Sadie Ellis (Junior Countryside Challenge, independent, 4th; Combined Training, 1st; Best Turned Out, 7th)
Stephanie Oliver (Senior Countryside Challenge, 2-3 helpers, 6th)
Victoria Palfrey (Senior Countryside Challenge, independent, 4th; Combined Training, 1st)
Rashan Williams (Junior Countryside Challenge, 2-3 helpers, 7th)

Oaklands (Herts)
Chris Bradbury (Senior Level 4 Showjumping, 5th; Combined Training, 1st; I/D Canter Dressage, 3rd; Freestyle Dressage, 3rd)
Kyrby Brown (Senior Grade Ib Dressage, 2nd; Freestyle Dressage, 1st)
Jessica Chapman (Senior Grade V Walk only Dressage, 10th)
Shannon Davies (Senior I/D Canter Dressage, 7th; Freestyle Dressage 4th)
Terri Curtis (Senior I/D Walk and Trot Dressage, 2nd; Best Turned Out, 2nd)
Elizabeth Elvidge (Senior Grade II Dressage, 2nd; Freestyle Dressage 1st)
Eleanor Griffiths (Senior I/D Walk only Dressage, 1st)
Pollyanna Hope (Junior Grade V Walk only Dressage, 1st; Freestyle Dressage, 1st)
Jake Hulley (Senior I/D Walk and Trot Dressage, 15th)
Emily Mair (Senior Countryside Challenge, 2-3 helpers, 1st; Combined Training, 3rd)
Sofie Merryweather (Senior Level 2 Showjumping, 4th; Combined Training, 2nd)
Tyler-Che Thompson (Senior Grade V Canter Dressage, 8th; Freestyle Dressage, 6th)
Lucy Warne (Senior Grade V Canter, 1st; Freestyle Dressage, 2nd)

West Norfolk (Magpie Centre)
Kelly Proctor (Senior Grade V Walk only Dressage, 11th)

John Biggs (Oaklands) and Eleanor Currington (Cambs College) also qualified but were unable to compete.

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